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Remote Control Kit for Touch™ Plus

Remote Control Kit for Touch™ Plus

This collection of hardware enables you to use your Asyst Touch™ to operate your TV, remote alarm, lamps, etc., by remote control.

This hardware-only kit includes:

o TV Remote Control Box

o X10 Transmitter

o Three X10 receiver modules:

--- Chime Module

--- Alarm Module

--- Appliance Module (for on-off control of lamps, radios and so on)

This kit requires an Asyst Touch™ Plus or the purchase of the "Upgrade to Touch™ Plus".

The remote control features of the Touch™ Plus may not be Medicare-compliant and may not be eligible for Medicare Assignment. Contact Asyst to explore purchasing a separate Upgrade to Touch™ Plus to your Medicare-compliant Touch™ using non-Medicare funding.


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