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Touch™ Key (Standard)

Touch™ Key (Standard)

Plug the Touch™ Key into the USB port, and turn your own computer into a Touch™ system! Most Windows®-based computer will run the program as long as the Key is plugged into a USB port, and the Key can be moved from computer to computer.

In this version of the Touch™ Key, ALL text composition and speech functions are fully enabled, to give the user an authentic Asyst Touch™ experience.

Three input methods:

--- Direct Type

--- Direct Select

--- Scanning Mode

Four key arrangements:

--- Alphabetic

--- Qwerty

--- RapidType

--- Custom

Compose, edit and speak text (Adult male voice and adult female voice are included)

Over 1600 words and phrases built in.

Spell and save an unlimited number of new words and phrases

Fully-functional Text Editor

File saving and sorting

The cost can be applied toward the Plus Upgrade of your Touch™ key.


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