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VoiceBank™ Recording

VoiceBank™ Recording

VoiceBank™ Recording involves recording common phrases in your own voice for use later. Once your voice is "banked", the Asyst Touch™ can play back these phrases in your own recorded voice instead of using computer generate speech.

Asyst introduced VoiceBank™ Recording in 1985, an industry "first".

The price shown is an hourly rate. You can place an order by entering the number of hours in the Quantity field. Please contact Asyst by e-mail or telephone for a quote or estimate on the number of hours.

This would make a great gift. Asyst offers an Asyst Gift Card that can be used for this purpose, or put toward just about any other Asyst product.


U.S. and Canada 888-888-9060 ASYST International Line 847-816-8580 ASYST Fax 847-816-8581 Email Support: info@asyst.us