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Touch™ System

Touch™ System

This version of the Touch™ is "unlocked", and can be used for running other Windows-compatible software. However, it might not be considered "Durable Medical Equipment" by Medicare, and therefore may not be eligible for funding by "Medicare assignment". What's that*? Compare to a locked Touch™ L system.

Video Tour - Hardware


o Attractive screen organized by color

o Large, high contrast menus for ease of long-term viewing

o Three input modes:

--- Direct Type

--- Direct Select

--- Single Switch Scanning

o Signal for assistance

o Alternate keyboard arrangements

o Large Word List (Customizable)

o Large Phrase List (Customizable)

o Spell and add new words

o Create and add new phrases

o Save and Sort Files

o Assemble words and phrases into messages of unlimited length

o Simple, powerful message editor

o Word prediction option

o Key is upgradable to Touch™ Plus with Plus Upgrade package


Guided Tour - Software*

The Asyst Touch™ is the first and only touch screen Speech Generating Device designed specifically for the A.L.S. community with their input.

The Touch changes with you.

In Direct Select mode, you can make selections on the touch-sensitive screen using your index finger or the included stylus, or you can type in words and phrases using the built-in keyboard.

In Scanning Mode, a moving cursor scans the rows and columns on the screen, and you can click a simple switch to select when the cursor reaches your choice.

*Requires Adobe Reader. Click here if you can't view this file.


U.S. and Canada 888-888-9060 ASYST International Line 847-816-8580 ASYST Fax 847-816-8581 Email Support: info@asyst.us